The system to provide skiers with real time feedback of rear view with a standalone see-through mobile viewer

Hiroyuki Kanba, Kazumasa Hirooka,
Satoshi Miura, Yumi Umesawa,
Hiroshi Fujimoto, Masakatsu Fujie,
○Kazuyuki Kanosue

【Introduction】Blind cross country ski is the one of the event of the winter Paralympic Games. In this event, a guide skier skies in front of a player and orients his/her directions to guide. Thus, a guide skier must look back during skiing. The present study aimed to develop the system to provide skiers with real time image of the player without looking back.【Methods】Subjects are three members of cross country ski team of WASEDA university. Subjects wore the glasses, standalone see-through mobile viewer(BT-200,EPSON) to feed back their background and ski on the road. A experimenter rode a bicycle with a video camera in front of a subject and record the background. Then, this image was projected the subject glasses in real time. Subjects could confirm their background during skiing.【Results】Subjects could look the image of their rear view without looking back. There was actually 0.13s delay in the projection of the view. But subjects did not feel the delay. There were several problems to be solved. ①the glasses was easily slipped off during skiing. ②it would be better that persons other than the players could control the devices. ③it was necessary that a video camera was smaller to attach it to the guide’s helmet or the back. 【Conclusion】Although there are problems to be solved, the real time feedback with standalone see-through mobile viewer to the guide skier would be useful for blind cross country ski.